Seoul, S. Korea

    Oct 16'


    hello #EntreprenHERS

    Launch a Startup in just Three Days!

  • Testimonials

    Sprintesse in Dublin

    "Every part, from beginning to end at Sprinters in Dublin was so rich and instructful. And the best part was to work with people who want to 

    be just as successful like me"

  • Seoul: Mentors + Speakers + Judges

    Announced soon! See our last SPRINT here


    Participant registrations are underway!

  • #EntreprenHERS

    are you in?

    "There is one thing that is stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."

    ~ Sir Richard Branson


    Lets Break It Down.


    - Two days scheduled at two amazing venues -

    - Sprints have already been hosted by Twitter, NDRC, Techhub, Bhive -


    - maximum amount of participants -

    - because we believe in quality over quantity -


    - amazing days of creativity -

    - pilot testing -

    - inspirational talks -

    - networking sessions -


    - in exchange for 3 life changing days

    - we'll provide you with inspiration, tools, resources plus food & drinks over the 3 days -


    - win mentorship, work space, and many more amazing prizes to help you support your dream -



    - Pre-Sprint -


    - the foundation to success -

    One week prior to the Three Day Sprint you will complete an online bootcamp to fast track your participation and to ensure all your KSF's are in place.

    - DAY I -

    Pitch & Team


    - find your puzzle pieces -

    Pitch your idea, vote for your favourites and form your team. Get right into work with your project before a special treat awaits you as the perfect moment to network.

    - DAY II -

    The Sprint


    - go out and play -

    After an early morning yoga session and lean practices workshop, go out and test your idea on real people. Finish the day with an improved winner product.

    - DAY III -

    The Pitch


    - jump. hit. win. -

    It's time to wrap up and go on stage. Present your real product or service to a selected jury. Celebrate your win with Sprinters.You just did it!

  • Makers & Shakers

    - Meet the people who supported us during our previous events -


    "Thank you so much for organising this event, I want you to know I'm being sincere when I say that the environment you fostered, the encouragement and advice you gave has made a huge impact on me that I believe will last. I haven't been this focused, confident and excited for years"

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