• 3-Day Workshop Sprint

    Lagos, Nigeria | 31. July - 2. August 2017

    Abuja, Nigeria | 4 - 6. August 2017

  • The Sprinters Advantage


    Empowering women through strategic consulting & hands-on skills trainings


    Developing funding & capacities to support feasible business models


    Build a network to promote and support leadership & entrepreneurship

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  • Strong Women Love Sprinters.

    Every part, from beginning to end at Sprinters in Dublin was so rich and insightful. And the best part was to work with people who want to be just as successful like me

    ~ Salome Picard

    "The feedback we received from the young women who participated in the Hackathon was really positive. It is small acts, such as opening up this event to young women who are in or who have been through the asylum process, that takes down barriers and helps with integration and in this case skill development."

    ~ Caroline Reid Irish Refugee Council

  • Are You In?

    "There is one thing that is stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."

                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Sir Richard Branson


    women per sprint


    quality over quantity


    life changing days


    focus + productivity


    network contacts


    vitamin C is key




    it's all in you

  • Make Things Happen

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

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