Why this woman learnt to code during pregnancy


    "Don't be afraid to fail. Embrace all your weaknesses"

    Founder of Happity and mum to two small human beings, Sara Tateno has been making waves with her startup. Her family was one of the first to take shared parental leave in 2015 so that she could attend a coding bootcamp.

    How I went from a million ideas a second to one


    "I had enough of working in slow moving big companies"

    Experienced digital delivery manager. As a young person I picked up lots of work experience as I worked from the age of 13 in various companies and job types. This gave me broad exposure to different processes and business models.


    At university I studied computer science and management with the career objective of being able to translate between those delivering technical solutions and the businesses that need them.

    How I launched a side hustle in my corporate comfort zone


    "Remind yourself to shut up the inner negative self-talk and be kind to yourself"

    I realized that the most fulfilling and inspiring part of my corporate career revolved around supporting my team and colleagues in their professional and personal growth through coaching and mentoring.

    An Interview with Seedcamp’s Reshma Sohoni


    "I'd love to see more women getting out there and sharing their leadership experiences"

    We recently had the chance to do an interview with Reshma Sohoni, an inspiring business women who is a Partner and Co-Founder at Seedcamp.


    Seedcamp is one of Europe’s most successful first round funds and provides promising startups with up to €200k and a lifelong platform. Reshma has previously worked in M&A and venture capital across B2B Software and Internet services businesses in the US and India.

    What Inspires a Social Entrepreneur?


    "As long as you stay passionate and true to yourself you will succeed"

    Salomé Picard is a young inspiring social entrepreneur who participated Sprinters Weekend workshop in Dublin in November 2015. Since then she has been active on her entrepreneurial path while remaining a strong part in the Sprinter community. She is sharing her pathway in this blog with us.

    How working in a start-up shaped my entrepreneurial spirit


    "Passion drives people to think out of the box and be enthusiastic in every action"

    Start-ups are known for its flexibility and fun work environment – which are true!

    When you are running a startup, you obviously know how it develops your entrepreneurial skill but how about working for a startup?


    Let’s start with the basics, the definition.

    How to set SMART Goals

    The Pocket Guide of Startup Essentials

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