• What is Sprinters?


    Sprinters curates entreprenHERial movements to empower your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or a startup virgin our programs have been catering to the entrepreneurial lifestyle since 2015. We are passionate about making an impact and building a sisterhood by uniting women from all walks of life.

  • Create the Future

    we are visionaries

    Drive Impact

    we are go-getters

    Celebrate Diversity

    we are stronger together

    Win Together

    we are selfless

  • The Sprinters Experience

    Sprinters is build on 3 event pillars to offer women at all stages of their career opportunities to grow



    launch a startup in 3 days


    In this 3-day workshop weekend we sprint together towards your success wave. This is for women interested in leadership and entrepreneurship who want to take hands-on action.


    4 days of productivity & adventure


    Grow, re-energize and move forward faster! Spend 4 days masterminding with like minded female entrepreneurs. Overcome your business stumbles together as a team.


    global female leadership network


    Network and connect with the Tech Worlds' finest. Meet female leaders and entrepreneurs. Apply to pitch, mentor sessions and mingle. coming soon!

  • How it all started

    In summer 2015, Mevish and Saskia discussed the lack of women in tech and startups and why there is such a big ratio gap. while riding along the coastline of Brazil..


    Conclusion: There needs to be a change. Mevish introduced Saskia to her vision of Sprinters - a global workshop to empower women and reduce the distinct disadvantage entering the tech and entrepreneurial world.


    Naturally, they decided to extend their friendship and join forces to launch Sprinters. The foundation for our Not for Profit was culminated by the remote team working across two continents.


    With Mevish in Brazil and Saskia in Germany, both started working on the project right away and before they knew it the first Sprint came together in Dublin 2015.


    Passion brings people together, be this in your love life, family life or in the business world.

    Together we aim to make a difference.

  • Meet the Sprinters Team

    Mevish Aslam

    Founder, CEO

    An ex-lawyer turned entrepreneur who has spent 5+ years developing startup ecosystems around the world. Mevish loves to invest her time supporting people to grow, she offers both coaching for both personal and professional development. A highly seasoned Strategist, Talent Advisor and Business Developer with a keen interest in Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion. Her work has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and The Economist.

    Saskia Naujok


    Saskia brings more than 10 years of international business development experience to the table of which she spent 8 years in Asia. After her MBA degree she has founded two female run businesses and offers expertise in motivational coaching and goal setting techniques. As strong global networker it is her desire to create a global circle of passionate female entrepreneurs without borders.

    Brienze Lawrence

    Managing Partner Africa

    Brienze is a young business minded and community entrepreneur, with excellent track record in the Irish cultural and entertainment industry. She’s also involved in various youth empowerment projects. She studied Entrepreneurial Studies at National College of Ireland. She currently serves as a business consultant in a few firms and runs her own company. between Europe and Nigeria.


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