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    We are Mevish and Saskia

    On a warm day in summer 2015, on a bus riding along the coastline of Brazil somewhere between Ubatuba and Paraty, Mevish and Saskia discussed the lack of women in tech and startups and why there is such a big ratio gap.


    Conclusion: There needs to be a change. Mevish introduced Saskia to her vision of Sprinters - a global workshop to empower women and reduce the distinct disadvantage entering the tech world. Mevish also shared her struggles to find a passionate and committed partner to pull Sprinters out the woodworks. Naturally, they decided to extend their friendship and join forces to launch Sprinters. The foundations for our Not for Profit were culminated by the remote team working across two continents. With Mevish in Africa and Saskia in Berlin, both started working on the project right away and before they knew it the first Sprint came together in Dublin 2015.


    Passion brings people together, be this in your love life, family life or in the business world. Together we aim to make a difference. Email us for opportunities to work together or just to say hello! We love to hear from you :)


    ps whilst we're not working on the next Sprint you can find Saskia at Oh my bra! 

    and Mevish travelling and working remotely at Terminal 3.

  • What is Sprinters

    Def.: [verb] {to race or move at full speed, especially for a short

    distance, as in running, rowing, etc}

    SPRINTERS was founded in 2015 as The Three Day Startup Sprint for Women in Tech and those who aspire to be. Alongside the Sprints, we offer four day Retreats for #entreprenHERrial minds and a Sprint Summit, a one day Technology Festival. This aligns with our core values:


    CREATE THE FUTURE We are visionaries

    DRIVE IMPACT We are go-getters

    CELEBRATE DIVERSITY We are stronger when different

    WIN TOGETHER We are selfless

    BE WEIRD We encourage free expression

    Launch a Startup in 

    Three Days

    For three days we will be riding the success wave with you and push you to reach new heights in following your dreams


    Four days of Sunshine,

    Productivity & Adventures

    Grow, re-energise and move forward faster! Spend four days masterminding with like

    minded people

    Leading Technology

    Festival coming soon!

    Network and connect with the Tech Worlds finest. Apply to pitch, mentor sessions and mingle.

  • "The feedback we received from the young women who participated in the Hackathon was really positive. It is small acts, such as opening up this event to young women who are in or who have been through the asylum process, that takes down barriers and helps with integration and in this case skill development."


    Caroline Reid Irish Refugee Council





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