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How to Strive for Excellence

An interview with Patrick Gaincko

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Meet Patrick Gaincko, the man who strives for excellence in every part of life. We are very honored to have him as one of our speakers and mentors in the upcoming FEMPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOPS in Lagos and Abuja. Find out more HERE.

Patrick Gaincko is a business strategist who does research and writes about African consumers. With his website he has won a global following as an essential resource for insights and analyses on African lifestyle trends and consumer needs across countries, ethnicities, cultures, and social status. His goal is to fill the knowledge gap between brands and consumers; highlighting great opportunities across sectors from consumer goods, mobile to banking, transport, retail; leveraging his unique ability to navigate the immensity, diversity and complexity of the African continent.

He advises established companies, recognizable names, SME’s on market entry, growth strategy, consumer trends monitoring, market opportunity identification.

If there is no consumer for your product, failure is its destination

As Africa’s growth is less commodity-depending and more consumer-generated, brands and companies willing to win in Africa, realize it is vital to better understand consumer needs, values, habits and aspirations and anticipate trends.

In January 2017, at the invitation of the Southern Africa Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC) and the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC), Patrick Gaincko presented “The African Consumer Trends 2017” at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Among many testimonials by the Dutch investor community:

You’re the first one who has validated the opportunity we are exploring” ~ Jaap Spreeuwenberg, MD of Hivos Impact Investments

We have asked Patrick a few questions to pick his brain on where he gets his motivation from and share with us his thoughts on Africa’s entrepreneurial state today.

Patrick, why did you choose your current career path?

The huge (and overlooked) disconnect between what consumers want and what brands and companies offer in emerging markets.

What was your first Entrepreneurial Experience

An artist booking agency in London UK

What is your opinion of Female Empowerment in Nigeria.

I understand the situation is a contrast. Women are supported in the sectors perceived as “feminine”, i.e. cosmetics, fashion, food, drinks, media, event. It seems to be less the case for other sectors such as tech, banking, transport, manufacturing. Are women empowered to be thought leaders, social changer initiators, leaders in labour-intensive industries, power brokers, etc.?

Want to meet and discuss Female Empowerment in person with Patrick? Then go to our application website and tell us what motivates you to be a Fempreneur.

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

The Voice of the Consumer and consumer research is an area still in its infancy in Africa. To engage and win over stakeholders in consumer issues, I had to design and execute unconventional, smart strategies.

Set realistic goals, build a smart strategy, define a clear plan, and execute fearlessly, surround yourself with intelligent, equipped, forward looking people.

What is your most important entrepreneurship advice for young women?

Set realistic goals, build a smart strategy, define a clear plan, and execute fearlessly, surround yourself with intelligent, equipped, forward looking people.

We believe for a better future for the world - What would your ideal world look like?

One where problems are considered as opportunities to improve and change, to reconcile the humanity with its greatness.

What do you think have been the key factors to your high-level success in this field?

I haven't achieved success yet, I have won milestones. Hard work, constant learning, everyday discipline, hyper adaptability, extreme focus, knowledge of self. NO EGO.

What do you hope your legacy will be, in dedicating your life to your personal mission and vision for the future?

A healthy foundation for others to thrive on.

Thank you for the interview, Patrick.

Join our event in August exclusively for 30 of the most ambitious woman. Apply by July 9th to get a chance to meet Patrick and our other speakers and mentors in person and learn from them while you can enjoy healthy activities and food.

We look forward to see you in Lagos or Abuja!

Saskia Naujok

Co-Founder of Sprinters loves motivating and inspiring people to become a better self. She lives in Berlin and loves to dance throughout the day.

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