• This is the Sprinters Experience

    Sprinters is build on 3 event pillars to offer women at all stages of their career opportunities to grow



    launch a startup in 3 days


    In this 3-day workshop weekend we sprint together towards your success wave. This is for women interested in leadership and entrepreneurship who want to take hands-on action.


    4 days of productivity & adventure


    Grow, re-energize and move forward faster! Spend 4 days masterminding with like minded female entrepreneurs. Overcome your business stumbles together as a team.


    global female leadership network


    Network and connect with the Tech Worlds' finest. Meet female leaders and entrepreneurs. Apply to pitch, mentor sessions and mingle. coming soon!

  • UP NEXT:
    3-Day Workshop Sprint

    Lagos, Nigeria | 31. July - 2. August 2017

    Abuja, Nigeria | 4 - 6. August 2017

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