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    2.-4. August 2017

  • 3-Day Workshop Sprint

    2 - 4. August 2017







    Details about the event will follow soon while we are working hard to create the best experience ever for you.

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  • The Challenge

    African economies are some of the fastest growing in the world, but that growth threatens to leave behind a generation of young people.


    With 200 million people aged 15 to 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. And yet, 60% of all unemployed in Africa are youth, and that doesn’t count young people who are underemployed with low pay and few advancement opportunities.


    Nigeria exemplifies both the challenge and the opportunity facing youth. Roughly 77% of the population is under 35 years old, where the amount of men to women is almost equally distributed, with an unemployment rate of 8.1% between the age of 15-24. Nigeria currently experiences an economic crisis where the government looks to private sector, with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors - an opportunity for the young generation. While young people are motivated to create their own jobs through entrepreneurship, they often lack the skills, networks, and capital needed to grow their businesses to the size where they can create jobs for others.


    Sprinters Global seeks to change that paradigm. Through capacity-building, mentorship, advising, and access to affordable capital, Sprinters Global removes the barriers so that young people can lead the economic transformation of their countries.

    In the peak of the Great Recession, most African professionals who were located in the U.S. and Western Europe returned to their native countries after they lost their jobs. They went back with top-grade technical skills, managerial experiences, and international networks. But because there were limited available jobs in Africa as the recession decimated stock markets and businesses, most of these individuals went into entrepreneurship.

    “African entrepreneurs will play major roles as they redesign business models in a period of currency controls, currency devaluations, and government stasis.”

    This is a virtuoso moment in Africa with its 1.2 billion people latent opportunity. Convergence of foreign exchange scarcity and abundance of local indigenous capabilities will bring a new dawn even as governments are funding local entrepreneurs and challenging them to make customers their “growth investors.”; these entrepreneurs will transform the continent with the brainpower of the citizens and offer the road map to a new African economy.

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    What you can expect

    Sprinters will organize a 3-day workshop format targeted to 30 female participants, divided into 5-10 working groups. Prior to the workshop start applicants will send in their business idea and motivation of which the top 5-10 ideas will be selected for development during the workshop. Throughout the three days, participants will attend smaller workshops to created and immediately implement business ideas. In between mindfulness/yoga classes are integrated for better focused and balanced work. On the last day, each team will pitch their idea to a selected jury. The best idea will receive a seat at the incubator program. The finale will be celebrated in a gala event format with winner announcement, dj, artist – a high end and classy atmosphere with corporate invite.

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