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    Women@Forbes | Forbes.com

    "Want To Work Remotely And Travel The World? This Startup Will Help You"

    A full interview with Sprinters founder Mevish Aslam

    The Future of Work | Fastcompany.com

    "The Digital Nomad Guide to Working from Anywhere On Earth"

    A listing of Sprinters Global on FastCompany.com

    Forgestellt | Fielfalt.de

    "FORGESTELLT: Saskia Naujok, Geschäftsführerin von Sprinters"

    A full interview with Sprinters founder Saskia Naujok (in German)

    Sprinters Hackathon | IrishTechNews.ie

    "Sprinters Hackathon Insights from Participant Emily O`Connor"

    Interview with Sprinters Founders | IrishTechNews.ie

    "Sprinters, 3 Day Startup Sprint for Women. We Find Out More From The Founders Mevish Aslam and Saskia Naujok"

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