EntreprenHERS Are Born Here

  • Imagine spending three days with a group of women coming together with a shared vision.


    A vision to grow beyond boundaries, one that unites through a passion to become an entrepreneur and

    run a business.




    We don't think so. We make the impossible, possible. In three days we empower and inspire you to trail-blaze

    your ambitions on the road to success.


    Whether you have an idea for a business or not

    Whether you're under 16 or over 50

    Whether you're a refugee or a successful VP at a Fortune 100 company


    We welcome you on board


    We don't believe Entrepreneurship is for a select few.


    We truly believe Entrepreneurship is for everyone, regardless of race, background or age.



  • How it Works | The Three Day Sprint

    During the Sprint EntreprenHERS, Leaders, Mentors and Innovators from the Business and Tech world come together to:

    - plan, create, implement, test, and run your idea -

    - DAY I -

    Team Building

    find your puzzle pieces

    Pitch your idea, vote for your favourites and form your team. Get right into work with your project while attending all workshops that give you all business insights.

    - DAY II -

    The Sprint

    go out and play

    After an early morning yoga session and lean practices workshop, go out and test your idea on real people. Finish the day with an improved winner product.

    - DAY III -

    The Pitch

    jump. hit. win.

    It's time to wrap up and go on stage. Present your real product or service to a selected jury. Celebrate your win with Sprinters.You just did it!

  • Partners

    - Meet the people who supported us during our previous events -


    "Thank you so much for organizing this event, I want you to know I'm being sincere when I say that the environment you fostered, the encouragement and advice you gave has made a huge impact on me that I believe will last. I haven't been this focused, confident and excited for years"

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