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Equities Trader by Day and Founder of Activewear Clothing Brand Catch Me

Hello! What's your background, and what are you working on?

I am the founder of Catch Me, an activewear brand that launched mid 2017. I’m also an equities trader during the day. I grew up in Hong Kong, New York, and Vancouver and I am always on the move. I’m a dancer, a runner, and a triathlete.

Describe your idea/startup in less than 50 words

Catch Me is an activewear brand built to keep up with the woman who lives life in the fast lane. Our goal is to empower her to maintain a balanced lifestyle through fitness.
Our wardrobe is where fashion meets function, taking her from her workday to workout, mid-day to midnight.

How did you get started with your business?

I’m an avid runner and at first, it was just an idea to bring style to the active lifestyle that I had already been living. Then it became an unwavering urge to do more and create something that can empower other women to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. As someone who is always on the move, exercising is a therapeutic process for me, which outlasts competition and performance. So I created Catch Me, a versatile wardrobe for the modern woman to be able to slip in a workout at any time of the day.

What did you do to attract users and grow your business?

At first, it was really by word of mouth and social media. Then some of the pieces started to get into the hands of avid yogis and I was able to increase visibility through popups in local gyms.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

I would like to work with charities to promote wellness in local schools. Similar to workplace wellness, educating high schoolers to use exercise as a de-stressing tool is important to their holistic development.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced and what you have done to overcome this.

As a new brand, there are new obstacles that pop up every day, from website glitches to handling production delays. There was a time when a batch of goods that had already been pre-ordered was delayed. And there was nothing we could do to change it. That was when we had to leverage our customer service, which really shows how crucial it is to know your customers well and to maintain a friendly relationship with them.

What's the one tool or resource you've found helpful?

The most valuable resource is really your friends. It's important to learn to ask for help. Your immediate contacts may not have the answer for you, but usually, asking leads to new introductions, relationships, and unexpected views and resources.

What's your advice for other women who are just starting out?

It's important to have a can-do attitude to make things happen. However, having said that, be realistic with your goals. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and master the small steps because these are the ones that will eventually lead you through the tunnel.

What is your morning routine?

As an equities trader during the day, I’m naturally (or by default) an early bird. I wake up around 5:15 am and get to my desk by 6:15 am. Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge amount of time to get much done before a full blown 12 hours of trading begins. The perk of starting work early means I can get off at a decent hour so I always try to find time to fit in a workout before dinner.

My favorite quote is

"Stay motivated and go beyond the finish line.​​"

Describe yourself in 3 words

Resilient, motivated, cheerful.

Where can we go to learn more?

About Cassandra Choi

Cassandra Choi was raised in Vancouver and Hong Kong before moving to New York City to complete a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting at New York University. Naturally, she went on to pursue a career in finance and has been an equities trader for 7 years. Although fashion hasn't been on her resume, her passion for it combined with a growing enthusiasm for dance and long distance running, led her to create Catch Me. She understands that women on the go, like herself, value both convenience and style. She would like to use fitness to empower women. She is also a triathlete, marathon runner, and enjoys reading and traveling.

Catch Me is a growing brand that cares about engaging with local communities. We hope to empower women through fitness and are always open to collaborating with different brands and influencers. Drop us a note at

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