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How working in a start-up shaped my entrepreneurial spirit

Start-ups are known for its flexibility and fun work environment – which are true!

When you are running a startup, you obviously know how it develops your entrepreneurial skill but how about working for a startup?

Let’s start with the basics, the definition.

Many people define entrepreneurship as a skill that is required to initiate and build a business. However, the meaning is not exclusive to people who run a business. Entrepreneurship goes beyond that, where it also represents your ability to take risks.

In the past few years, entrepreneurial skill has become the most necessary skill that employers and partners are looking for. Many people believe that individuals with this skill are more motivated and productive in doing their jobs.

There are many ways to develop this skill. Working for a cool travel startup, ActivityFan and my own startup Hello Millennials developed my entrepreneurial traits. So here they are.

Working in a startup = Being your own boss

Working in a startup is basically being your own boss. Many start-ups believe that every individual has their own way to solve a problem and plan around their working time. When a company follows this approach, it increases the productivity rate of a company, which leads to better results and more profitability.

For instance, today, many start-up founders and employees work remotely from anywhere in the world. These people are called digital nomads. Today, the number of digital nomads is rapidly growing. Beach, mountains and peaceful villages have become the most favorite destinations to work and live as a digital nomad.

Working in a startup allows you to make your own priorities and schedule. It is a place where you can escalate your ability to work independently.

Shaping up your can-do attitude

A can-do attitude is a willingness and eagerness of an individual to explore something new and perform their best on any task. When working in a start-up, this attitude is required to grow your career. Unlike corporate, start-ups have tonnes of deadlines with only a few people to work on them. Thus, a can-do attitude will help to deliver your top performance and achieve the start-up’s goals rapidly.

People who have a can-do attitude are confident, curious and willing to try new challenges. Initiative plays a prominent role in their pattern of behavior. In most start-ups, there is no formal job training. It is important to be proactive and try to understand most things by your own. For example, when a startup wants to penetrate a new market, with only a few people in the company, all people need is to get their hands dirty and explore the new market no matter what their position or actual job in that company is.

Network, network, network

A very important thing that both classic entrepreneurs and start-upers have to understand is the importance of networking. Both of these occupations are relying most on their activities in a community. Entrepreneurs need buyers, suppliers and employees. Start-ups need influencers, industry experts and investors to keep up with the rapid changes in the startup scene.

For someone who works for a start-up, it is always great to connect with some start-up communities and exchange stories with them. Networking can help you find people whom you can relate and talk to about your job, obstacles or failures. Even though they are not working for the same company, there are many things that you can learn from expanding your network, like learning the latest start-up trends, acquiring new skills or even travelling together.

Productivity is the key

Working in a start-up might seem very fun and exciting, however, there is an issue that many start-uppers face, which is a productivity issue. With all the awesomeness of the flexibility and freedom in doing your job , some people fail to meet the deadlines.

The key is to know what your productivity hours are and maximize your work efforts within that time. Make yourself a schedule and stick with it. For example, you can make a 9-hour work per day, which you can do at once or divided into two slots . Then, you can use the rest of the day to travel.

Be passionate

One character trait that makes an entrepreneur stand out is his/her passion and enthusiasm. Passion drives people to think out of the box and be enthusiastic in every action. Career-wise, being passionate about the job you are doing help you to push your limits and discover the vigor for change.

Whether you are working for a start-up or running your own business, believing in the company’s value and being proud of what you are doing is vital because it is not easy to do these jobs. Passion is what keeps you on track and helps to stay dedicated to your beliefs.

Working in a start-up sometimes can be on the top or bottom, having a strong passion and believing in success keeps you on doing what you’ve been doing and improve it along the way.

So that’s my story about start-up life and entrepreneurship. Whether you are a on corporate ladder, running a startup or working for one, entrepreneurial skill helps you to develop your personality and grow your career.

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