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Staying Aligned With Your Goals, Made Easy

Staying on top of our goals is one of the best things we can do to get results. As entrepreneurs we find our focus shifts when something unforeseen happens, such as managing conflict in a team, when a freelancer or employee you heavily relied on decides to move on or you just even be having a bad day.

It's important to understand why our focus shifts and what we can do to stay on track. Here are some tips to get you started:

Set Clear Goals

Setting goals is the first step to achieving them. Make sure that the goals you set are clear, honest and achievable. Be clear on your current position and where you want to see yourself after in six months or even twelve months time. What KPI's are you measuring, what goals do you need to achieve? Ensure you know what you want and how you will go about achieving your goals. This point is crucial since knowing what you want allows you to find focus and direction.

Note. I always recommend a weekly if not monthly review of your goals. In business we tend to pivot to ensure product market fit. Always remember a pivot may clash with a goal.

Have Goals that Boost Your Wellbeing

Often we don't realise how 'work' indirectly affects our well being. Sitting in front of a computer without a break does a lot more damage then you think.

The above video teaches us the hard lesson; we need to move more often than we think we need to. One way to do this is to break up your goals into bitesize chunks of 25 minutes, after each 25 minute session take a 5 minute break. Make a smoothie, move around, get yourself oFf your chair and do something that makes your body feel active. Working in sessions of 25 minutes is called the Pomodoro Technique and one which I highly recommend.

Have a Plan of How to Achieve Your Goals

Having a plan of how you are going to achieve your goals is very important as it helps you stay aligned with your goals.

Take a moment to write down your goals, and simple activities that will get you closer to them. One small task can handle several goals and should be placed in your ‘To Do’ list. Give high priority to those tasks you know will bring you the best value. When you get to work, focus on handling one item at a time. This will help you get more work done.

Having a plan helps make even the greatest tasks feel manageable. Follow your plan accordingly and it will help get you achieve your goals and attain success in the long term.

Attaining success is not easy. However, you will be able to attain it far more easily when you are able to understand why your goals are important to you. This offers you with the drive you require to accomplish your goals and attain as much success as possible.

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