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What Inspires a Social Entrepreneur?

Salomé Picard is a young inspiring social entrepreneur who participated Sprinters Weekend workshop in Dublin in November 2015. Since then she has been active on her entrepreneurial path while remaining a strong part in the Sprinter community. She is sharing her pathway in this blog with us.

Hello ladies,

My name is Salomé, I come from France more precisely from Paris and I am studying in a business school.

I graduated last year as a business administration and management student in Ireland (Dublin).

My international experience has been so incredible that I decided to study abroad once again. So right now I am studying in San Diego CA for a semester! Through my school education I had the opportunity to involve myself and create different charity projects in India and in Ireland that deeply changed my point of view on the world.

I met Saskia and Mevish while I was in Dublin and thanks to the Sprinters weekend I just realized that there are so many motivated and enthusiastic women in the world willing to become entrepreneurs. That was amazing to see, I also felt that everything is possible and I learnt that failure is part of the process and that it is ok to fail - which is not the case in my country.

Since that particular weekend in Dublin with Sprinters I try to assist to entrepreneurship conferences and lectures in order to meet inspiring women.

By chance, San Diego State University (where I study) organized last week an event called Women in Entrepreneurship, so I wanted to share their stories with you.

Some of them were CEOs, others were in charge of departments, and all of them have an essential role with a lot of responsibilities in their company. When they talked about their beginnings, some of these women expressed the fact that they have been considered as outsiders, young and naive in a man's world. They had to fight in order to show their skills and took rejection as a challenge instead of defeat.

As long as you stay passionate

and true to yourself you will succeed.

One key message that came from all female leaders has been: "As long as you stay passionate and true to yourself you will succeed". Of course we all need to be aware that success can be a long way but perseverance, patience and passion will be essential and required along the way. Failure is also part of it so everyone that is burned by an idea, in other words passionate, should go out there and don’t be afraid to fail because there is nothing to loose.

One of the entrepreneurs even insisted on the fact that we should be afraid to succeed because then we have something to loose. Investing in ourselves and doing everything that is in our power to have new skills was also a big part of the lecture. In fact, people can miss opportunities by being careless and by not paying attention to what and who surrounds them. Moreover, there is nothing more important than being well-surrounded, to have someone believing in you and mentoring you when you are scared to death and feel unmotivated.

Fake it until you make it. You are absolutely awesome!

If you are able to appear confident even if you are scared to death inside, you are absolutely awesome. All the entrepreneurs present that day seemed so confident but they told us that being in front of us was actually stressful.

Listening to them and then being able to talk to them has been extremely inspiring.

Whatever projects you are working on right now while maybe once in a while lacking motivation and confidence, know that you are surrounded by an amazing community that supports and believes in you.

If someone tells you "You can’t."

turn around and say "Watch me."​


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