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    A private in demand community made up of female entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers seeking community, support, accountability and an improvement of our mental and physical wellbeing for a happier life and successful startup :)


    What You Get.


    - Real-time chat: Engage, collaborate and discuss best practises, growth strategies, business models, share your ideas, challenges and anxieties and just about everything in a real-time chat. Cos, we understand running a startup can be a lonely experience, with a bunch of bad moments to deal with.
    - Community access: We are creating a community of women from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, a global support network to share your challenges with and cheer you on when you're feeling low.
    - Newsletter: Be featured in our monthly newsletter that summarizes the conversations, articles and ideas shared by community members.
    - A combination of Online Masterclasses, AMA's and Virtual Mentor Clinics: Soon we will be offering a one-stop shop to address your pain points, featuring top business experts and mentors offering you invaluable support and advice.
    - Exclusive deals from our partners.
    - Vote for mentors, experts and masterclasses you would like to see in the community.


    You get the annual membership for just €47/year (compared to €300 when we're fully launched).

    Ends Tuesday 7th July and locks in price forever.

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