• About Us

    Hello sprinters, who are you and what do you do?


    Sprinters is a not for profit organization that accelerates the birth and growth of female founders.


    Our vision is to create a network of empowered women who feel confident in their abilities to build amazingly successful businesses.


    How? We inspire, empower and build a network of like minded women to fast track your growth.

    We are passionate about simplifying your journey into entrepreneurship.

    We believe it is possible to turn an idea into a reality. We understand this is not easy. The high and lows of entrepreneurship can be de-motivating.


    But it does not have to be this way. You too can build and scale a successful business.

    Workshop held in Dublin in 2015



    Sprinters was founded


    Launched our first Workshop in Dublin, Ireland in the space of 30 days. Result? 23 women from 11 nationalities, 6 businesses.

    2016 - 2017


    Africa + Euroasia expanision


    Entrepreneurial Workshops and Meetups held in South Korea, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Morocco, Berlin and Budapest.



    Scaling up and new ideas


    Powering your entrepreneurial journey with both online & offline activities. Expect an overdose of inspiration & heaps more! 

    Workshop in Morocco '16, of 100+ participants from 51 countries.

    Here's how we can help:

    • She Inspires, a series of interviews with female founder making it big, get to hear their story, struggles they overcome and what they did to become successful
    • Meetups, we have finally announced an open call for local chapters. Each chapter will put together monthly events to bring like minds in the local community together
    • Monthly online masterclasses, learn from an expert with a live webinar
    • Blog, curation of inspiration, tools and resources
    • Weekly videos of inspiration (coming soon!)
    • Instagram page is the go to place for inspiration overload. If you're ever having a down moment head over for some pick me up material to get you back up and running
    • Retreats, a get together of business minds with breakthrough sessions to pick you up when you've lost the motivation to continue.
  • What values is the sprinters community built on?


    By sharing stories of female entrepreneurs, we get you started


    We curate offline and online events to bring you the best

    Grow Together

    Stay focused, re-energise and re- connect at our retreats

  • Who is behind sprinters?

    Sprinters grew out of my passion to make a difference and to create an impact so female entrepreneurs no longer struggle with launching a business. I understand the stats are against us as female founders.


    only 17% of startups have a female founder.


    One of my goals is turn this statistic around. Sprinters was founded on this belief. Once powered with the tools, mindset and community female entrepreneurs can achieve anything. This is not something that happens overnight. It's an investment of your growth into the world of entrepreneurship. And we are here to support you along the way.


    The movement was launched in 2015 in Brazil when I combined both my love for wanderlust and entrepreneurship that landed me an entrepreneurship placement at the University of Sao Paulo.



    Who is Mevish?


    A black sheep of 8 siblings out of which 5 of us are women. Unlike my sisters I pursued sports in my childhood which saw me joining the girls football team for five years. In my teens I aspired to be an entrepreneur but thought I didn't have it in me to pass the mark (a mental limitation I placed on myself!) so in my twenties I pursued a legal career abroad after a burnout in 2009. I left my routine life behind (work, eat, sleep, repeat) in favour for combining travel and remote work - I believe we should all have the freedom to live and work on our terms. After practising Law for a few years I stumbled into entrepreneurship by working for one of the fastest growing startups in Europe. Since then I have combined both my passion for entrepreneurship and travel to develop entrepreneurship ecosystems in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.


    During this period I came across a common theme, the lack of support for female entrepreneurs. Inevitably this led to my calling to launch sprinters and make a difference to female entrepreneurs worldwide.


    The entrepreneurship journey is an investment, a journey I am here to support you with every step of the way.


    I first hand understand how tough it is to:


    - get started with launching a business,


    - i've lived the countless regrets on not getting started with an idea and then become frustrated when I see the same idea executed by another,


    - I've had frustrations with limited growth in my business,


    - theres been many times where I almost gave up but I persisted.


    What did I learn? It's essential to keep moving forward else you will be stuck in reverse. At sprinters it's all about the 'sprint' to keep moving, we all have down days but together we remind one another why it is essential to keep on moving.


    Finalist at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards


    Named 101 Female Founder of Tech

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