How I went from a New York Lawyer and Investment Banker to founding Sponge - Hong Kong's on-demand beauty company

    "Entrepreneurship is a whole lot of doubt, built on a foundation of belief in yourself"


    I had just moved to Hong Kong and I was looking for an apartment. I was surprised by how expensive rent is in Hong Kong.


    At the same time, I looked around for good quality beauty services to keep up my beauty routine, such as hair and makeup, but I couldn't find any that offered reasonable prices. I put two-and-two together, realising that salons and spas in Hong Kong charged high prices to cover their rent expenses.

    From Criminal Lawyer to TV Producer and now the Founder of a Tech Startup

    "I raised money with an idea on a piece of paper"


    I am on my third career! I was initially a criminal defence lawyer, then a television producer and now a founder of a technology startup. My startup is www.thelabrador.co.uk.

    Scratching my own itch, Ex-VC turned startup Founder

    "Get to know yourself as well as possible! What drives you? "


    I’m Alessandra, founder & CEO of Evermore. I grew up doing lots of sports and used to teach windsurf and snowboard during high school, so I learnt about functional nutrition early on. I worked in startups during university and then went into the investment sector. I felt like I had to help push through the positive changes I saw starting to happen in the health space, which is why I set up Evermore.

    Program Your Mind for Success + FREE Workbook

    Rewire your mind for success, leave negativity behind and focus on the positive to enable your growth for success.


    Ex Accenture Management Consultant to Super-powering Entrepreneurs with Mentorship. This is how I did it

    "I saw an opportunity to improve the mentor service for start ups"


    I’ve been a management consultant for the best part of 20 years and I’m working on something to support the way all types of businesses will use consultants in the near future’s more open and gig-based professional services economy.

    Why leaving my legal career in the city was one of the biggest challenges for me

    "You will be amazed at how many people will give time to help you out and advise you"


    I worked as a corporate lawyer for a city law firm for 6 years specialising in energy and infrastructure. I advised energy companies on large infrastructure projects as well as on M&A deals. But feeling the need to escape the corporate life, I quit my job earlier this year to start a new company with my three brothers called pilcro. We are a family business!

    How to set SMART Goals

    The Pocket Guide of Startup Essentials

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